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Executive Workshop Details


  • Business Executives who want to understand modern accounting dynamics and evaluate where to invest not invest based on facts.
  • Business Executives who aren't convinced that they're getting the best possible Return On Investment for their specific or overall efforts within their business.
  • Business Executives who want more insight into understanding how to evaluate the business efforts or progress put forth by their team.
  • Business Executives who want to learn the tools that can improve your business and make your business more effective and more efficient.
  • Business Executives who want to learn the tools that can improve the odds of your small business surviving.

THE TAKE AWAY: 120 Minutes That Will Change The Way You Evaluate Your Business And Spend Money Forever.

Partial Agenda Includes:

  • Increase the Odds of Your Small Business Surviving
  • Understand the Benefits of a Good Accounting System
  • 5 Biggest Mistakes Business Owners Make with Accounting Records
  • How To Maximize & Measure Your Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Learn the Tools That Can Improve Your Small Business
  • The TRUE Cost of the Products / Services
  • 5 Questions to Ask About the Financial Health of Your Business
  • How Accounting Can Be Used In Your Pricing, Sales, Marketing. and more

Our Money Back Guarantee Means Zero Risk For You:

If you're unhappy with your investment in our Workshop for any reason, we'll refund 100% of your tuition!

Workshop Synopsis:

The most important thing to remember about our marketing workshop is that it is that it was designed for executive-level management, not day to day workers. This means that every topic we discuss will be an executive-level overview, not step by step instructions on how to do / complete the item being discussed.

Our goal for attendees is that you leave with a solid understanding of how to evaluate or manage your company's efforts, NOT how to perform every step necessary to implement a specific tactic.

You will leave with a better understanding of which areas you should ask your team to dive deeper into or investigate, and which areas you should stop investing time and money.

We will start by discussing 5 big mistakes small business owners make in their own accounting records. Sweger Accounting is a no judgement accounting firm, as is this workshop; we do not want to assume anyone has any accounting knowledge, so we will first briefly touch on the basic building blocks of starting a business, move on to what is a complete accounting system, the importance of this in your business, and the great benefits that can be derived from a properly functioning accounting system.

Some of the key benefits that will be discussed are; increasing your small business’ odds of survival, being able to analyzing almost any part of your small business, and being able to use accounting to make your business more effective and more efficient.

We'll discuss the differences between the perceived cost of a product or service and the TRUE cost of a product/service your small business offers and being able to understand what values should be calculated into your Return On Investment (ROI) of these products/services and almost any part of your business.

We'll follow this up with 5 vital questions to ask about the financial health of your small business.

Accounting is a part of every aspect of your business, not just a complete set of records, but can play a big role in pricing, marketing, sales, financial projections, bank loans, investors, growth, maximum profits, and so much more.

We wrap up our small business accounting workshop with tips and tricks that include the costliest mistakes small businesses make when selecting an accounting firm and what a truly great accounting firm should do and mean to your business.

We tightly limit the number of attendees for this workshop to ensure there are enough for a healthy discussion, but not so many people that little gets accomplished. Don’t wait, sign up before it’s too late.

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